Conspiracy Theory: Denver International Airport

Conspiracy Theory: Denver International Airport

Ever since the Denver International Airport was completed in 1995, it has been at the centre of countless conspiracy theories, even being linked to possibly one of the most popular conspiracy theories – the New World Order. Before we get into the theories, first for some important background. The Denver International Airport replaced Stapleton International Airport, becoming the largest airport in the U.S. covering 35,000 acres, and being twice the size of the second biggest U.S. airport. However, the airport has been criticised as not being conveniently located, being situated 25 miles away from the city of Denver. Overall, the building of the airport cost an extravagant $4.8 billion, $2 billion over the budget, leading to speculation on how the original budget could be so underestimated, and what had cost so much that an additional $2 billion was needed to be spent. This is where the conspiracy theories come in.

As mentioned previously, one theory surrounding the Denver Airport ties in with the theory of the New World Order. During its development, five multi-story buildings were built, however towards the end of the project deemed ‘wrong’. Rather than being demolished, or perhaps used for another purpose, the five buildings were instead buried, to which one construction worker working on the project came forward to say that this was very unusual practice, and not something in his years of building he had seen before. Strangely, his testimony can no longer be found, suggesting that perhaps an organisation or an influential person ensured that the statement was not able to be found publicly as part of a cover up. The buildings now remain beneath the airport forming a series of tunnels, but with no member of the public ever venturing down there, many theorists now believe that there are in fact hidden underground bunkers. These underground bunkers are said to have been built to protect government officials, and other key members of the New World Order, if and when the world comes to an end. Other theorists argue that these bunkers are in fact there to be used as a future FEMA concentration camp. Other evidence for the airport being associated with the New World Order is the dedication stone. The stone is decorated with imagery that resembles that of a secret society, namely the Masons. The Freemasons are a real secret society,  with many powerful members that many believe are trying to gain control of the world and put in place a totalitarian government (or a New World Order). A masonic symbol showing a compass with the letter ‘G’ inside can be seen, with the words “New World Airport Comission” being credited for funding the building of the airport.

Other criticisms of the airport can be seen in the formation of the runways, as well as the unusual artwork displayed throughout the airport. An aerial image of the airport revealed that the formation of the runways resemble a swastika, to which a spokesperson for the airport quickly responded that it was simply a coincidence as the runways were designed to allow landing in all weathers, and then quickly added that workers at the airport said that it looked more like a pinwheel. However, if the runways had been designed this way to make the airport more efficient in all weathers, surely other airports around the world would have also taken on this design, and as it happens, this design is unique only to the Denver airport. As for the comment about other airport workers thinking that the runways reminded them of a pinwheel, this sounds more like an attempt to save face. Further links to the Nazi’s can be seen in some of the artwork throughout the airport. A mural depicting a Nazi soldier, attacking children and stabbing a dove can be seen, alongside a quote from a child who died in Auschwitz. The issue is not with the artwork itself, but rather people question why this art is being put on show in an airport, rather than in a War Museum or an art gallery.  Other works include images of the destruction of the environment, and depictions of violence, with an apocalyptic feel running throughout each piece of art. Why does this theme run throughout the airport?

The Denver airport will remain a mysterious location until members of the public can fully explore the chambers and tunnels that lie beneath it, and expose what is right now being hidden. So what do you think is happening at the Denver Airport?


Sun Sign Astrology: Libra

Sun Sign Astrology: Libra

Libra is the seventh sign of the Zodiac, with the sun visiting September 23rd and leaving October 22nd. Libra is an Air sign, alongside Gemini and Aquarius. Due to the influence of Air, Libran’s are very good communicators, being highly diplomatic and sociable. Libra is ruled by the planet Venus, the Goddess of love and beauty. Signs ruled by Venus are creative and artistically inclined, and often driven by their own pleasure and self indulgence.

Libran’s flourish in social situations, and captivate those around them with their charm and beauty. A Libran is an excellent listener, and this attracts others around them like a magnet – a Libran has the ability to make everyone feel like the most important person in the room. This also allows a Libran to be very diplomatic, in both social and professional settings. They are able to take into account all sides of a debate, and restore peace and harmony by smoothing over a potentially unpleasant situation. However, they often suppress their own opinions to do so, and people can sometimes view them as wavering and indecisive. In reality, the Libran is a people pleaser, and longs desperately for approval – not wanting to choose a side.

Not only is the Libran lovely to look at, they themselves have a great admiration for anything beautiful, particularly in the form of the arts, whether it be music, art, literature, or theatre. However, their admiration of beautiful things comes at a cost, and a Libran will always have the best of everything – the most beautiful flowers, champagne, expensive furniture, clothes and jewellery. They also tend to look down their nose at those they see as being less than lovely, judging a person solely on their outward appearance, and perhaps their bank account, rather than striking up a conversation or getting to know a person first. As a result, a Libran is often narcissistic, expecting nothing less than adoration from others, and thriving on compliments.

Some famous examples of Libran’s include: Simon Cowell, Brigette Bardot, Jackie Collins, Ralph Lauren, Mohandas K. Gandhi, Arthur Miller, and Oscar Wilde.

Conspiracy Theory: The 27 club

Conspiracy Theory: The 27 club

The 27 club is the unofficial name given to describe the phenomenon of famous musicians that die at the age of 27. Notable members of the group include Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, Janis Jopling, Jim Morrison and Amy Winehouse alongside many other well known musicians. Almost all of the deaths associated with the 27 club where as a result of drug and alcohol abuse, and each individual case also tends to be surrounded with conspiracy.

If we first consider the cluster of musician deaths between the years of 1970-1971. Jimi Hendrix (1970), passed away after choking on his own vomit, a consequence of his heavy drinking combined with sleeping tablets. Janis Jopling, also passing away in 1970, died due to a fatal combination of heroin and alcohol, whilst Jim Morrison (1971) suffered heart failure due to alleged heroin use, although there is no autopsy report to confirm this. This cluster of rock musicians all passing away within the same year and at the same age, is often highlighted as just one of the strange coincidences that coincides with the idea of the 27 club. 23 years following, musician Kurt Cobain took his own life by shotgun to the head after consuming an almost fatal dosage of heroin. Once again, his death was surrounded by sketchy details and suspicion, with zero witnesses. More recently in 2011, Amy Winehouse was found dead in her flat, after excessive consumption of alcohol. Heartbreakingly if not eerily, several years prior to her death, Winehouse expressed in an interview that she had a fear of dying at the age of 27, like many of the musicians she had been inspired by in her own career.

So what makes 27 such an unlucky number for young musicians? Here are some of the conspiracy theories. The first is based on astrology. Astrologers believe that every 29.4 years in our lives, the planet Saturn returns to the same position it was at during the time of your birth. This movement of the planet signals a new transitory period of your life, which apparently begins at the age of 27. The Illuminati or satanism is another proposed theory to explain the 27 club. Some people believe that musicians may make a deal with the Devil in their quest to become rich and famous, a deal which will expire on their 27th birthday.   On the other hand many health professionals point to drug use and its subsequent effects on the body as the cause of these deaths. People who find fame early on in their life, usually in their late teens, are more likely to become involved with drugs and heavy alcohol consumption, and this continues into their twenties where they tend to reach the height of their success in the music industry. By their late 20’s however, frequent drug users have built up a tolerance to drugs and therefore have to consume more to get the same quick out of them. Of course, increasing the amount of drug usage also increases the risk of an overdose and potential death.

What do you think about the 27 club?

The Strange Case of Bruno Borges

The Strange Case of Bruno Borges

The case of Bruno Borges is probably one of the strangest missing persons cases’ of the 21st century. Bruno Borges, a 24 year old Brazilian and a student of psychology, disappeared from his family home on the 27th of March, 2017. Yet, this is far from the strangest part of this case, what Bruno left behind is much more chilling.  24 days before Bruno’s disappearance, he had been busy on what he told others was simply a ‘project’. He left his bedroom door locked at all times, and rarely left his room to eat. What his family and investigators would then discover in his bedroom is both bizarre and perplexing.

Bruno’s bedroom had been completely transformed. The room was void of Bruno’s usual bedroom furniture, and in its place a single statue, of none other than the infamous Italian philosopher Giordano Bruno, whose ahead of his time belief in extraterrestrial life led to him being burnt at the stake in the 16th century. His parents believe that Bruno bought the £2000 statue using the money they had lent him in the weeks previous. The floors and walls were covered in writing and satanic symbols, and on one wall a painting, showing Bruno standing alongside a grey alien. On a table lay 14 encrypted books all numbered with roman numerals, containing theories that explained the meaning of life and the secrets of the universe.  Friends of Bruno later came forward saying that believe that Bruno thought he were the reincarnation of Giordano Bruno, and that he had been brought back to reveal the secrets of the Universe.  Strangely enough, the resemblance between Bruno Borges and the philosopher Giordano Bruno is uncanny, and the fact that they both share the name Bruno is another strange addition to this case.


Once images of Bruno’s room became circulated online and gained a sleuth of media attention, a dressmaker came forward reporting that she had served Bruno in her shop only a few days before his disappearance. The woman claimed that Bruno had purchased three cloaks, and upon asking him if they were for church, his only response was “something like that”.   Bruno was also seen the day of his disappearance. Following lunch with his family, in which he seemed perfectly normal, Bruno can be seen on CCTV footage running alongside a road with nothing more than a backpack with him. Later he takes a taxi, where the driver takes him to a motel. Investigators found that behind the motel there was an area used by people for spiritual practices, and so it is believed that it was Bruno’s intention to spend some time there before moving on. On inspection of the area, all that could be found was the traces of a bonfire, and five plastic garden chairs placed in a circle – four white, and one red. There was no evidence to indicate that Bruno had ever been there, although it is widely believed that he did spend some time there on the first day of his disappearance. Since then Bruno has not been seen, and this brings us on to the theories.


Bruno’s interest in aliens far surpassed that of a normal alien fanatic – it comes across in his writings as though he truly knew the meaning of the Universe, and had even gained extraordinary intelligence about extraterrestrial life himself. This leads some people to believe that Bruno left home to find or join the aliens, or even that he had been abducted. Another popular alien theory is that Bruno, knowing too much and too willing to share what he knew with the rest of the world, was taken or threatened by the men in black, and perhaps he was trying to escape them by running away. Of course, another popular theory amongst more sceptical people is that Bruno was experiencing psychotic episodes, and these caused him to think delusional thoughts and act irrationally. However, his family argue against this strongly, stating that Bruno was highly intelligent, a born leader, and above all a kind-hearted young man. They also say that on the day of his disappearance he had appeared completely like his usual self. A more recent theory suggested by investigators, is that Bruno may have left home to gain media attention for the 14 books he had written, and that it was all an elaborate ploy to market his books. This also seems to make sense, but investigators will always try and pin the most rational and logical explanation to a case, so they were unlikely to come to the conclusion of aliens.

What do you think happened to Bruno Borges?

Near Death Experiences and Visions of Hell

Near Death Experiences and Visions of Hell

For those of us who believe in a Heaven and a Hell, we often wonder what each one will be like, and perhaps more so which one we will end up in. But for some, there is no need for a stretch of the imagination – they have seen Hell for themselves. These people have had a near death experience that has plummeted them in to the depths of Hell before bringing them back to Earth for a second chance at life. Here are just several terrifying accounts of Hell.

We will begin with a man named Matthew Botsford, who has perhaps one of the most well known modern accounts of a return ticket to Hell. Botsford was seriously injured in a shooting that took place outside of an Atlanta restaurant, receiving a bullet to the head as two men shot indiscriminately after being told to leave the establishment. Botsford was rushed to the hospital, reportedly dying three times in the ambulance before doctors induced him into a 27 day coma. During his coma, Botsford saw visions of Hell that would haunt him for the rest of his life. His journey to the afterlife began with him being chained at the wrist and ankles, and hung over a fiery pit filled with four legged creatures that were not of our world. Every plume of smoke that billowed out from the pit had one tortured soul within it. Botsford could hear the screams of millions of souls around him, but there was no communication – the souls there were to suffer alone for eternity. Eventually, Botsford was pulled out of the depths of Hell, and told by who he assumes to have been the voice of God, that it was not his time. On accounting his vision, it was recognised that his story is very much similar to the Vision of Dryhthelm. Dryhthelm was a monk in the 8th century, who was shown visions of Hell, Heaven and Purgatory.

Our next account is of a man named George Richie, who during World War 2 came down with pneumonia, and later in hospital was declared dead. Richie then claims that Jesus came to him and took him on a ‘tour’ of the afterlife, the first place appearing as a large city on Earth. Here Richie was shown the living and the dead inhabiting the same realm, but the living were unaware of the dead’s presence around them. There was a spirit woman frantically trying to grab a cigarette from a living man’s hand, but with no success. Jesus told Richie that the woman had died due to her addiction to cigarettes, and now she had to suffer for an eternity not being able to enjoy what she wanted the most. The same situation played out with a group of sailors in a bar, with spirits desperately trying to take a drink from their hands. Jesus then took Richie into a family home where the spirit of a man followed his living family members around, asking for their forgiveness. The family members were oblivious to the mans presence as they got on with their day to day life. This happened to be the spirit of a man who had committed suicide, leaving his family behind. Richie was then taken to Hell – a place where only the dead walked. Richie described Hell as being a place of anger, hatred and violence, with spirits fighting each other, sexually abusing each other, and existing in despair. At last, Richie was returned to his body, later writing a book about his experience, and becoming a doctor of psychiatry.

 Our final story is one of the first vision of Hell accounts I ever heard. This account is from a man named Howard Storm, who at the time of his near death experience (age 38) had been an atheist all of his life. Storm suffered from a perforated stomach and was rushed into hospital. Upon gaining consciousness Storm recalled looking around at the people surrounding his hospital bed, and trying to speak. Only, the people around him couldn’t hear him, and moreover, they could not see him. He walked down the corridor of his ward where people simply walked through him, and it didn’t take long for Storm to realise that he was dead. Eventually he came across a group of figures who ushered him through a doorway. He followed the figures through a thick fog, only to realise that they were not just figures, but demons. The demons shoved him down the pathway to Hell, and eventually began to eat away at his flesh. Storm remembers a voice in his head telling him to pray, and as he did so he escaped his fate and was returned back to Earth. Storm is now a Senior Pastor of Covington United Church of Christ after living half his life as a devout atheist.

Whilst the visions of Hell do share some similarities – extreme heat, the screaming and suffering of tortured souls, and the presence of demons, it is interesting that each individual seems to have had a somewhat unique experience. This leads me to wonder whether Hell is experienced differently by everyone, and takes the form of what we would fear the most.  What do you think – do you believe these accounts?


The Truth About Ouija Boards

The Truth About Ouija Boards

It is likely that at some point in your life, you will be faced with a Ouija board. Whether it be at a sleepover, a Halloween party, or just out of curiosity, a lot of people consider the Ouija board as scary but harmless entertainment. The Ouija board was in fact patented in 1890, and intended to work as a ‘talking board’ building a bridge from our world to the spirit world. Those who have used a Ouija board simply for fun have reported strange and often frightening experiences, and as a result, even sceptics know that the Ouija board is not something to be taken lightly. Of course, not everyone has a negative experience with a Ouija board, I know people who have been able to connect with deceased loved ones, and had a very profound experience doing so, but there still seems to be a lot more horror stories than happy ones.

Mediums and spiritual researchers assure that it is not the board itself that is dangerous – so having one sitting in your attic is harmless. Rather the type of communication in which you are inviting someone from the spirit world back into the psychical realm poses the real danger. The spirits that normally communicate through the board are those who are trapped in the lower astral plane. These spirits have not been able to fully detach from the psychical world because of a tragic, potentially violent death that has left them with unfinished business on Earth. Understandably, these spirits pose more of a threat because they are often angry and filled with negative energy. There are numerous stories of a Ouija board being used and unintentionally summoning demons, who then torment the players, sometimes for the rest of their lives, with tragedy following them wherever they go. Some stories even detail how participants of the board would finish the Ouija session only to discover unexplained scratches and bruises on their skin. I know my own grandmother was badly shaken following her use of a Ouija Board in a deaf school she used to work in. Apparently, one night when the children were sleeping, my grandmother and several of her colleagues decided to use a Ouija board only to  summon a violent spirit who threw the planchette across the room. Needless to say, Ouija Boards are now banned from my house.

Whilst it seems sensible to stay away from Ouija Boards all together, curiosity does get the better of us, so here are some important guidelines to follow if you do choose to use one. Firstly, once everyone involved is sitting around the board, state clearly that you are surrounding yourself with positive, protective white light, and that negative entities are not allowed to enter the circle. Once communicating with a spirit, do not ask for any psychical signs. A lot of people will ask for the spirit to blow out a candle, knock on the table, or touch one of the participants, unknowingly giving the spirit permission to enter the psychical world and cause havoc. It is much safer to interact only through the board. Keep the conversation respectful and lighthearted- whilst it may seem funny at the time, you do not want to provoke an already potentially angry spirit. This last step is perhaps one of the most essential . When you feel as though the session has came to an end, you must remember to close the board, thus closing the bridge between our world and the spirit world. You can do so by stating allowed that the session is over, and moving the planchette to goodbye, which should feature on every Ouija Board.

I believe that it is best for those using a Ouija board to err on the side of precaution, and personally I would never use one in my own home. Let me know what you think – are Ouija boards real, or nothing more than a game surrounded by urban legends? Share your experiences in the comments below!

Robert the Doll

Robert the Doll

You may have heard of Robert the Doll, arguably one of the world’s most famous haunted dolls, currently residing in Fort East Martello Museum in Key West, Florida. At first glance, you would see Robert for what he is. A doll created in the early late 1800’s/early 1900’s, wearing a little sailor’s suit, holding a dog, with a sinister looking smirk on his face. We would consider a doll as an inanimate object – however this doll is a little different. The doll is allegedly possessing a curse, that makes the doll come to life, even causing divorce, disease, and death.

So what is Robert the Doll’s story? The doll first belonged to Robert Eugene Otto – a gift from his grandfather during childhood following a trip to Germany. At first, the relationship between Otto and the doll appeared very innocent – it is not out of the ordinary for a young child to become attached to one toy in particular and take it everywhere with them. But Otto really was inseparable from Robert the doll, and Otto’s parents even recalled hearing Robert talking to the doll (once again completely ordinary for a child of his age), however were worried to hear a deep voice answering their son back. Almost nightly, Otto’s parents would hear their son shouting, furniture overturning, and toys being ripped apart. Whenever they entered his bedroom, Otto could be found huddled in the corner of his room or under his covers, shaken and frightened. If asked what had happened, Otto’s only response would be ‘Robert did it’.

Eventually, when the situation became too strange, and the parents finally dismissed the idea that this was simply their young son acting out and blaming the doll, Robert the doll was banished to the attic of the family home by an aunt – an aunt who passed away that very same night. Servants who worked in the home would then promptly leave their jobs, and during the night footsteps and the sound of furniture moving could be heard from the attic. The doll could even occasionally be heard giggling. After many years passed and Otto finally entered adulthood, Otto chose to keep Robert and kept him on the windowsill of his house – despite the obvious fear he had of Robert during childhood. People walking past the property or looking up at the window at which Robert sat often reported seeing the doll move, or vanish before their eyes. Otto’s wife, also, like the aunt in his childhood home, insisted the doll be moved into the attic. Strangely, Otto declined his wife’s request, instead keeping Robert in the Turret room of the house, where he often would sit with the doll, and talking to him until his death in 1974.

After Otto’s death, Robert was moved to a museum,  and kept inside a locked glass case. Unfortunately, that has not been enough to put Robert’s antics to rest. Museum staff say that Robert moves around within the case, and that when closing up the empty museum for the night, footsteps can be heard. Visitors are even given advice on how they should approach the case where Robert now resides – being told to address him politely, not to photograph him, and to treat him respectfully. Many visitors come away from the museum and experience bad luck and unsettling experiences. Guests send letters of apology to Robert, detailing the misfortunes that have cropped up in their lives since their encounter with Robert, and the museum displays and keeps a record of all of these, with Robert even being blamed for divorces, car accidents and deaths.

Would you be brave enough to pay Robert the doll a visit?