The Lost City Of Atlantis

The Lost City Of Atlantis

The lost city of Atlantis is thought to be a ‘lost island’ in which an ancient, Utopian society resided. First popularised by Plato, the Greek Philosopher, the Island is believed to have existed around 9,000 BC. Plato has wrote detailed descriptions of the city of Atlantis in two of his books – Timaeus and Critias – describing the Island as lush with a variety of exotic flora and fauna, surrounded by mountains and characterised by  three layers of rings and circular harbours.  Plato then describes how the people of Atlantis were harmonious and peaceful, although incredibly powerful and advanced for their time, perhaps leading to their downfall. It is then believed that the City of Atlantis was destroyed by Poseidon, the God of the ocean, through a series of natural disasters that wiped the city out in a single day.

There have since been numerous conspiracy theories about where Atlantis is now, or whether it even existed at all. The theory with the most evidence to support it, is that Atlantis is underneath Donana National Park in Southern Spain. Researchers and archaeologists have found evidence of circular formations deep under the ground, matching the description of Plato’s Atlantis, as well as the exact dimensions given by Plato to describe structures. There is also an unusual amount of methane gas in the area, and this could explain how the city was buried in a single event, as decomposing organic matter such as humans, flora and fauna would release large amounts of methane in the process. If that was not fascinating enough, a few miles from Donana National Park, what appears to be a smaller version of Atlantis can still be seen above ground. This suggests that some of the few survivors went on to create a second Atlantis, either to memorialise their old city, or to start again. Within this new Atlantis, there are symbols and features similar to that of the ancient Egyptian culture, and so it is thought that the Atlantian’s were in contact with the Egyptians somehow, and this is how the Ancient Egyptians also were so advanced for their time. Does this mean that Plato’s book was not fiction, and instead a historical road map to help people locate Atlantis for themselves?

Another popular theory about Atlantis was introduced by Charles Hapgood in 1958, in a book named “Earth’s shifting Crust”. Hapgood proposed that Atlantis could actually be found much further South from its origin at the continent of Antarctica. We already know about plate tectonics and continental drift – the Earth looks a lot different to how it did thousands of years ago. Hapgood states that 12,000 years ago, Atlantis was subjected to colder temperatures and became buried under the ice. Those who are advocates of this theory point to the pyramid-like shapes found in the Antarctic ice that could indicate human activity much like that of the Egyptian’s (and linking to the other theory that the Atlantian’s were familiar with the Ancient Egyptians). This is another fascinating theory, although I do think with rising global temperatures, and increasing ice melt that evidence of a civilisation would have been definitively found by now.

Other theories include that Atlantis is under the sea somewhere off the coast of Spain in the Atlantic Ocean, or that the Atlantian’s in fact became the Mayans following the destruction of Atlantis, because the Mayan culture has countless similarities to the culture of Atlantis as described by Plato. Of course there are so many scientists and researchers who completely disregard Atlantis as a myth. They argue that no undeniable scientific proof has been uncovered, and due to technological advancements in recent years, we are likely to have found a missing civilisation, or at least evidence of it. Plato, although not really known for fictional work, therefore made up the tale of Atlantis, perhaps as a cautionary tale about greed.

I’m interested to know what you think about this theory. We have all heard of the story of Atlantis, and I am sure many of you have seen the Disney film, but could it be much more than a story?





Conspiracy Theory: The Death of Elisa Lam

Conspiracy Theory: The Death of Elisa Lam

Four years ago, on February 19th 2013, Elisa Lam’s body was found in the rooftop water tank of the Cecil Hotel, in Downtown L.A. Despite being reported missing earlier that month, Elisa’s body was only discovered when guests of the hotel complained that the water in their rooms had a funny taste and colouring. This is when Maintenance workers discovered Elisa’s naked body, floating in the water tank. Elisa was a student at the University of British Columbia, and the daughter of immigrants from Hong Kong. In January 2013, Elisa decided to make the trip to Southern California alone. On social media, nothing appeared out of the ordinary about her trip. She visited many popular West Coast sights, posting photos on social media like any other tourist. On arrival at the Cecil hotel, she initially was staying in a shared room with other travellers, but eventually was assigned a room of her own, as roommates complained to hotel staff that Elisa showed odd behaviour.  It is also important to note that Elisa had previously been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and depression, for which she was on medication, and also openly talked about on her blog. Before her body was found, the LAPD released footage from the camera within an elevator that showed Elisa behaving very oddly, looking as though she was hiding or trying to get away from someone, and even stepping out of the elevator and talking and gesturing as though someone was there (which is a possibility, there may have been someone out of sight of the camera). Whatever is happening in the video, it is very unsettling to watch.

So the question is, how did Elisa end up in the water tank, and what are the circumstances of her death? There are so many theories, but there a several that I think are strong possibilities. A lot of people are quick to point to Elisa’s mental health history, which I personally think is overly assumptive and really rather unfair. Elisa was on medication, and clearly in control of her disorders or else she would not have been able to arrange and partake on the trip, and I am sure her parents would have stopped her if they thought she was not well enough to do so. Equally, she had no previous history of attempting suicide. A major theory was that she was murdered – I mean there is no evidence to suggest she wasn’t, so it is definitely plausible. Elisa may have been murdered by a hotel worker or  a guest- the doorway to the roof where her body was found required a special pass/key only acquired by certain members of staff at the hotel, but may have also been taken by a guest. The water tanks required climbing a ladder to get into, but were also covered with heavy lids that would have been nearly impossible for Elisa to then place back on the tank once inside, suggesting someone put her body their and covered up the tank to hide it. On her blog, Elisa also wrote about how there were people behaving strangely in the hotel, and that she was having trouble with them,  suggesting that a person may have been stalking or terrorising her before her death. This would also explain the eery elevator footage where Elisa looks as though she is trying to run away from someone, before stepping out the elevator to confront them. Interestingly, people noticed that parts of the footage appear to have been removed, perhaps a worker at the hotel would have access to the camera surveillance and was able to delete anything that would incriminate them as the killer.

The sinister history of the hotel is another theory that is often brought into discussion about this case. The Cecil hotel first opened in the 1920’s, and since then a has became known for its countless numbers of suicides and murders, many of which remain unsolved. People point the finger towards the paranormal, and suggest that Elisa’s strange behaviour in the lift was because she was under the influence of a spirit. Many people claim to experience paranormal activity – some guests even stating that they feel themselves being choked when nothing is there, and this is further asserted by the death of a woman who was killed by strangulation but the murderer was never found. A second theory linked to the paranormal is that Elisa was in fact playing a Korean game in which players use an elevator in order to travel to another dimension. The game involves travelling to different floors of the hotel, and apparently makes players feel confused and disorientated, a possible explanation for why Elisa ended up on the roof of the hotel. Do you think it is just a coincidence, or do you think the paranormal plays a major role in Elisa’s death?

Finally, I’m not sure what I think of this theory, because it claims that Elisa Lam was a made up person, and that does not sit well with me, especially when I think about her grieving family, but there is also a theory that Elisa’s death was used to cover up an outbreak of tuberculosis in the area. Soon after Elisa’s body was found, an outbreak of deadly tuberculosis occurred in the area surrounding the hotel. The test kits for tuberculosis were named “LAM-ELISA”. Whilst I don’t prescribe to this theory myself, it is more than spine chilling. The belief is that to cover up the tuberculosis outbreak, this death was ‘invented’ so that anyone researching LAM-ELISA would instead come across the story of Elisa Lam. Sure enough, I typed LAM-ELISA into my google search, and all that comes up on the first page are stories about Elisa Lam, and her Wikipedia page.

Elisa was only 21 when she died, and I hope one day the cause of her tragic death is discovered, and that there can be closure for her family and loved ones. She was described by those who knew her as cheerful and outgoing, always ready to welcome others, and never without a smile on her face. I hope one day she has justice.


Conspiracy Theory: Do We Now Know What Happened to Amelia Earhart?

Conspiracy Theory: Do We Now Know What Happened to Amelia Earhart?

I am sure you will have heard of Amelia Earhart, and being told about the story of her disappearance. In case you haven’t, here is a quick overview with all the facts you need to know. Earhart was a famous American aviation pilot, with one of her most notable achievements being that she was the first female aviator to fly across the Atlantic Ocean solo. Her final challenge was to travel across the globe alongside co-pilot and navigator Fredrick Noonan, in the year of 1937. Earhart hoped that the journey would inspire other women to become involved in aviation, and it was an important step towards gender equality and female empowerment in American history. Usually, the story goes that Earhart, and her navigator Fredrick Noonan experienced difficulty during the flight,  ultimately crashing her plane into the Pacific Ocean without leaving a trace. Of course this is the simple explanation, because no one knows for sure what really happened – or so we thought until 2017.  Recently, new evidence has been revealed – an archived photograph, depicting Earhart and Noonan in the Marshall Islands, whilst a distinct object thought to be Earhart’s plane, is being towed by the Koshu ship in the background.

Image result for Amelia Earhart new theory

The story begins when Earhart and her plane were expected to arrive on Howard Island, as one of the many stops on their journey. Earhart did not reach Howard Island however, and whilst she was still sending out communications, she was not able to receive communication back. It is believed that as a result, Earhart landed or crashed the plane in the Marshall Islands, and her and Noonan became captives of the Japanese. Something about this theory that bothers me is that this photo is not the first piece of evidence to suggest that Earhart was a captive of the Japanese. Many locals on the Island, as well as US veterans claimed to have seen Earhart and Noonan, some who even state that they interacted with her – and these accounts have been around for 80 years. Particularly the locals, who would have had no idea how famous Earhart was back in the US, had no reason to make up these accounts – so why were they ignored for so long? Here are some accounts that really stood out to me. A man named Bilimon Amaron, a Japanese medical worker on the Island of Jaluit at the time of Earhart’s disappearance, was interviewed in the 1980’s, in which he claimed that he had tended to Noonan and Earhart’s wounds at the ship, the Koshu – the very same ship thought to be towing Earhart’s plane. This man at the time describes Earhart and Noonan and simply a man and a woman – he clearly did not know that they were of significant importance elsewhere in the world, and so I think his story is very credible. Another eyewitness, a lady named Ms. Blas living in a small village, reported seeing a white female prisoner being driven to a nearby tree. She was blindfolded and handcuffed, forced to kneel in front of an already dug grave, and shot in the chest. This of course may not have been Earhart, but the timeline and the fact that a white woman on the Marshall Islands was very uncommon does suggest that this very well could have been Earhart.

But there is more evidence to this story than just single eyewitness accounts. Locals on the Marshall Islands claim that  they are taught about Amelia Earhart in school, and that it is actually a part of their curriculum. Not only are children taught about who she was and her work, but taught that she in fact was held captive by the Japanese on the very same Islands. The fact that this is actually taught as part of the curriculum, and not just nothing more than a story told in school, suggests that the Islanders are certain that this really happened, and what reason do they have to lie? It is even depicted on their stamps! The locals have stamps that show Earhart’s plane in the water, images of the ship being towed by the Koshu… It is more than simply a story – it is part of their history. Clearly, these people’s accounts were being brushed under the rug as part of a cover up, and I’d be quick to point the finger at the American government, who I believe knew very well that Earhart had been taken hostage by the Japanese. Image result for stamps earhart

What do you think of the newly emerged photograph? Do you believe Amelia Earhart landed on the Marshall Islands, or do you think she simply crashed into the Pacific Ocean? This is just the beginning of these new developments into the Earhart case, and I think its exciting that there is still more to be uncovered in the years to come.

Project MK Ultra – What was it, and could it be happening right now?

Project MK Ultra – What was it, and could it be happening right now?

Project Mk-Ultra was the name given to an illegal CIA human research programme that carried out experiments on the American public covertly between the years of 1953-1973. In these experiments, human test subjects were used without their knowledge or consent, making the project illegal. The government believed that the experiments were justified as they were intended to identify drugs that could be used to make people stronger against biological and chemical warfare, as well as interrogation through torture, and prevent the leaking of confidential information. It is believed that the Cold War was the motivation for this project, with the U.S. government being fearful that both the Chinese and Russians were already using mind control techniques on their population, and therefore were better prepared for warfare than the U.S.

Although suspicions arose in the 1960’s, the programme was not officially brought to an end until 1973. Mk Ultra involved many illegal activities, including not obtaining informed consent from participants, manipulating people’s mental state, administering dangerous drugs and chemicals, hypnosis, sleep deprivation, and other forms of traumatic psychological abuse. Eventually, in 1975, the project was brought to the public’s attention by the Church committee of the U.S. congress, and an investigation to look into the CIA activities was set up. However, the CIA Director Richard Helms ordered for all MK Ultra files to be destroyed in 1973, making the investigation very difficult, and also explaining why today it is so hard to find information about MK Ultra. Only a small number of documents survived. In 1977, the Freedom of Information Act uncovered 20,000 documents relating to the project, of which were used in Senate led hearings that year. These documents gave insight into some of the efforts put in place during MK Ultra, including the administration of substances that render a person illogical and impulsive, substances that cause paralysis or wipe memories, materials that allow people to be hypnotised easily, and materials that cause mental confusion. People who also believed to have been unwilling participants in the project came forward and gave their testimonies, even though there is little evidence to prove that all of them were involved.

In more recent times, there has been a growing conspiracy theory that the public are being controlled through the use of ‘chem trails’, a chemical/biological agent deliberately released by aircraft for unknown purposes. People who believe this theory assert that a normal contrail left behind a plane will disappear quickly, whilst chem trails last much longer, and when they do eventually dissipate they shower unknown chemical substances onto the population. People wonder whether these chem trails are being used in psychological manipulation and control of the human population, very much similar to the intentions of MK Ultra. Many government agencies have stepped forward to dispel the theory as nothing more than anti-government paranoia, yet in 2011, 2.6% of the US, UK and Canada said they believed the conspiracy wholly, whereas 14% claimed to believe there was some truth behind it. Knowing that the government has done similar experiments before, I think this theory is very much viable – they can conduct illegal experiments on the population much more discreetly this way than the way they did so with MK Ultra.

We know that MK Ultra was a real project, so do you think that these types of experiments on the unknowing population still go on today?



Conspiracy Theory: Moon Landings

Conspiracy Theory: Moon Landings

This theory claims that the Moon Landings were all hoaxes staged by NASA. This would mean that humankind has never walked on the Moon,  and that a pinnacle moment in our history is actually a fake. Polls taken in America, Britain and Russia have shown that 20% of Americans, 25% of Britons, and 28% of Russians believe that the manned Moon landings were in fact hoaxes – so here is an explanation as to why many people prescribe to this conspiracy theory.

The most common strand of this theory is that NASA and the U.S. government faked the 1969 Moon landing in order to beat Russia in the space race. Four decades on, many believe that Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, within a secret filming location, acted out the Moon landing to be broadcast as the first men to walk on the Moon. So where is the undeniable proof? Perhaps not undeniable, but film of Buzz Aldrin waving the American flag is thought to be some of the most incriminating evidence conspiracy theorists have. Critics argue that it is impossible that the video of Aldrin was actually filmed in space, as the movement of the flag rippling as though in a breeze is scientifically not possible. The Moon and space are a vacuum – there is no wind. NASA immediately responded to the criticism and said that Aldrin had experienced difficultly putting the flag pole into the soil, which caused the flag to move – however the flag certainly would not have been moving the way it was if that was the case. Photographs and videos out their of the Moon landing are only available through NASA however, and these can obviously be altered and manipulated in a way that would hide the alleged truth, but this could also work in favour of the theory – perhaps NASA has something to hide.

Other issues people have with the Moon Landing is that this was 1969. Yes, we can send robots out there and have them returned safely, but was there really the technology to put men on the Moon back in the 1960s? Even if there was, Marcus Allen, the British publisher of Nexus, argues that the radiation levels in space are deadly – no human could survive the journey to the Moon. Also notable, none of the images taken of the Moon landings show any sign of stars, and the Apollo 11 astronauts confirm this, confessing that they do not remember seeing any stars. The alternative view of this is that the landings took place during the lunar daytime, and as a result the stars were not visible because the sun outshone them. This means that the astronauts would not have been able to detect stars with the naked eye.

Other criticisms include that the shadows are inconsistent with how normal shadows should behave, and this suggests that artificial lighting like that found in a studio was being used. I have also seen videos that when zoomed in, look as though strings are being used to make it appear as though the astronauts were walking in low gravitational force. People also question how the Lunar modules were able to land on the surface of the moon without creating any blast craters, or scattering dust. Now, the Lunar Modules weighed around 17 tonnes, making no mark on the surface of the Moon, yet the astronauts appear to have left footprints. How can a man leave indentations on the surface but a 17 tonne lunar module can’t? These are just several of the proposed evidence for the Moon landings being fake, just scratching the surface, but if you find it interesting there is an abundance of evidence online.

This conspiracy theory is fascinating, and one I struggle to decide what side I am on. I would love to think that the Moon landings were real, and if they were I feel terrible that the amazing achievements of all the Astronauts that made the journey to the Moon are being discredited. However there is a lot of reasonable arguments to why the Moon landings were fake, and it is certainly not one of the most far fetched conspiracy theories. What do you think?



Disney Conspiracy Theory: Peter Pan

Disney Conspiracy Theory: Peter Pan

Peter Pan, most popularised by the 1953 Disney film, is the tale of a young boy who never wants to grow up. Peter Pan comes into the home of Wendy, John and Michael, taking them to the magical world of Neverland where children never grow up. The story of Peter Pan is very much innocent on the surface, but in more recent times a sadder theory about the true meaning of the film has emerged.

This interpretation of the film is based on the idea that the character of Peter Pan was in fact an angel. Peter Pan would visit the dead children and guide them up to Heaven, otherwise known as Neverland. The theory states that Wendy, John and Peter passed away in their sleep during a house fire, and as result were taken to Neverland, somewhere they would never grow old. This theory is logical – the children are all taken during the night by Peter Pan up into the sky, where they then emerge through the clouds and arrive in Neverland, a place where the young stay young forever. There are other children there, all of whom are the same age as when they arrived, aptly named the ‘lost boys’. Equally, Neverland is clearly a place for kids, and full of the things children love. There are mermaids, native Americans, fairies, pirates, and other mythical creatures and characters children identify with. The children’s time in Neverland is filled with adventure and excitement, almost as though they are playing a game.  Perhaps at the end of the film, when the children are returned to their beds, it has been decided that they are not ready to be taken yet, and that they have more time to spend on Earth.

These theory hasn’t just been stirred up from nowhere, but actually has its origins from the original book, written by J.M. Barrie. J.M Barrie’s brother tragically passed away at the age of 14, as a result of a skating accident. Barrie’s mother suffered with the pain and grief of her sons death for the rest of her life, but was comforted by the fact that her son would be eternally youthful, and forever in her memory as a happy, young boy. Barrie then came up with the idea of Peter Pan.

 This theory does give Peter Pan a dark twist, but if you think about it, it is really quite beautiful. The idea that children when they die are taken somewhere they can be eternally carefree and youthful.  So do you like this theory? Or do you think it is complete nonsense? Let me know in the comments!


Conspiracy Theory: The Death of Marilyn Monroe

Conspiracy Theory: The Death of Marilyn Monroe

Despite being in the height of her popularity in the 1950’s,   Marilyn Monroe is still one of Hollywood’s most recognisable stars to date – many would even say iconic. Yet her success as a model and actress is somewhat over shined by the untimeliness of her death in 1962, when Marilyn was just 36 years old. Before we get into the conspiracy theories, we will first take a quick overview of her timeline.

Marilyn was born as Norma Jeane Mortenson (Later Norma Jeane Baker) in 1926. Her father was never present, and she was raised by her mother , who struggled with mental illness, depression, and substance abuse. Marilyn’s childhood became more turbulent as she was finally placed into foster care and her mother in an institution, passed from family to family, and eventually in an orphanage. By age 16, Marilyn married her first husband, Jim Dougherty, who later enlisted in the Merchant Marine, leaving Marilyn alone for the next 2 years. In this time, Marilyn became employed in a munitions factory as part of the war effort, where she was first ‘discovered’ and began her career as a pin-up model. Her fame sky rocketed, and she was bombarded with the pressure and stresses of life in the public eye, and she was often quoted as saying how much she disliked the intrusions of the paparazzi. Marilyn, considered a natural beauty, suddenly felt the pressures of Hollywood, and completely overhauled her appearance – bleaching her hair platinum blonde, wearing heavy, dramatic makeup, and even getting nose and chin surgery. At this time Marilyn also faced her own battle with depression, anxiety and substance abuse. Not long after becoming famous, she divorced Jim Dougherty, and was known for her not so secret ‘alleged’ affairs with then President John F. Kennedy, and his brother Robert Kennedy. She went on to marry twice more, to Joe DiMaggio in 1954, divorcing 1955, and playwright Arthur Miller in 1956-1961, and these marriages will come into significance later on in the post.

Now that we have background, lets look at the circumstances, the night of Marilyn’s death. At around 7pm, Joe DiMaggio rang Marilyn to tell her the relationship between them was over (although they had been divorced, they still had a sexual relationship in the years that followed). According to DiMaggio, Marilyn seemed in high spirits, and not too upset by his call, so perhaps she was ready to call off the relationship as well, or perhaps DiMaggio had lied and Marilyn WAS upset, but he did not want to incriminate himself as the catalyst for her death. Following DiMaggio’s call, a friend of the Kennedy brother’s rang Marilyn and invited her to a party, which she refused. He reported that Marilyn did not seem herself and her speech was slurred. Concerned for her wellbeing, the friend contacted Marilyn’s housekeeper Eunice Murray, who was staying at the residence overnight. Eunice claims that at around 10pm she went to Marilyn’s room, saw that the light was on under the door, and although she could not hear anything, assumed that everything was fine. Later at 12am, she noticed the light was still on, knocking at the door several times before realising it was locked. Rather than ring an ambulance, Eunice contacted Marilyn’s psychiatrist Dr. Greenson who arrived at the home shortly after, and attempted to break down the door. When he was unable to enter the room from inside the house, he went to the window, only to see Marilyn lying naked on her bed, with her pills on the nightstand beside her. Greenson then broke into the window to get to her, and finally emergency services were called.

But the circumstances surrounding Marilyn’s death and apparent ‘suicide’ were more than suspicious. Of course, it is plausible that Marilyn did choose to end her life – it is well documented that she struggled with mental health all of her life – but their are numerous things that don’t quite add up. Firstly, the two men which removed the body to transport to the Morgue both said that the body did not look real, and an officer on the scene said that her room looked set up to stage a suicide, not how an actual suicide would happen. An example he gave were that her pill bottles were all neatly placed on the nightstand, and certainly not as though someone had decided to take their own life in the spur of the moment. Equally, there was no water or even a glass found in her bedroom, so if she were to take the pills, she would have had to have taken them without water – perhaps plausible to take one or two, but certainly not to take 40. This links into our first conspiracy theory – that Marilyn’s suicide was staged, either so that she could go on to live a normal life, or so she could be placed in the Witness Protection Programme by the government. Why would she be in a WPP? Because of her affair with the Kennedy brothers. She may have knew too much, or potentially been in danger, and so was given a new identity out of the spotlight. More recently in 2009, 26 people on a beach all reported seeing Marilyn Monroe, with one woman even running up to speak to her, before the potential Marilyn was whisked away by a man in a long coat. Despite the fact that Marilyn would have been considerably older in 2009, those on the beach are certain that it was her,and that she was still recognisable aside from a few wrinkles.

Our next conspiracy theory is also connected to the Kennedy brothers, and has a few different ‘branches’. The first being that Marilyn was killed due to her affairs with JFK and Robert. To avoid being impeached as a result of the affair, JFK had to have her ‘removed’ because she was too high a risk of coming out and saying something, and because their was already much speculation in the media. Another reason Marilyn may have been killed is that she maybes knew too much. Her affair with the President may have exposed her to private government information she should not have had access too. To avoid her speaking out, the CIA or FBI had to step in and ‘keep her quiet’. We also know that Robert Kennedy was very outspoken about organised crime and gangs, and it is thought that his own assassination was carried out by the Mafia. On the night previous to her death, Marilyn’s stylist claimed that Marilyn was hanging out and becoming friendly with a man high up in the Mafia, and when Marilyn’s house was remodelled after her death, it was discovered that she had in fact been wiretapped. Conspiracy theorists now think that this mystery man involved in the Mafia was attempting to ‘befriend’ Marilyn, in order to wire tap her home and ultimately have her killed, out of revenge against the Kennedy brothers or to send a very clear warning.

Our final theory, looks at her last husband, Arthur Miller. In the time Marilyn began dating Miller, the FBI opened a file on her, as Miller was being investigated by them due to allegations being made that he was a communist. Although many warned her against it, Marilyn insisted that she would go forth with her marriage to Miller, and they were married in 1956. This, on top of her affair with the Kennedy brothers, would have raised the FBI and governments suspicions of her further, so it is believable that they would have her killed. This was the last of the conspiracy theories, although I am sure they are many less well known ones out there. Personally, I like to think that Marilyn was tired of life in the spotlight, and so staged her suicide so that she could live a more simple, happier life. What do you think? Was Marilyn’s death a suicide, a murder, or staged? Let me know in the comments below.